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Aldea Attorneys at Law joins Nordia chain


Aldea Attorneys at Law Ltd, who has been known for its high standard services, has joined Nordia, a Nordic chain of law firms, and will from now on operate as Nordia Attorneys at Law. Nordia is the only genuinely Nordic law firm, which has approximately one-hundred lawyers in six different offices in four different Nordic countries. Nordia’s clients include Nordic companies and entities as well as international companies operating and establishing their operations in the Nordic countries.


For several years Nordia had been searching for a suitable office in Finland. The high quality, scope of services as well as a common, genuine customer oriented business culture of Aldea were the key ingredients of sealing the deal.


“Finland is a very important and interesting market area especially for Sweden, but also for the rest of the Nordic countries. The Nordic countries have a lot in common, not only culturally, but judiciary as well. Since we started Nordia our goal has been to provide services in all Nordic countries and now it is possible.” I am more than happy that we found a partner in Finland, who shares our Nordia standards highly valued by our clients”, says Mårten Stenström, Partner in the Nordia Stockholm office.


”The world is changing and borders between the countries have lost their meaning in business sense. We want to be a part of this change. Being a part of Nordia enables us serve our clients even more comprehensive and makes us an interesting partner to all companies operating or planning to operate in the Nordic countries”, states Antti Hannula, Partner in the Nordia Helsinki office.


”With Nordia we gain more experience, resources and a well-known Nordic brand. In addition, this will broaden the scope of our services to cover also all the rest of the areas of business law. All of this supports our growth strategy”, sums up Matti Kari, Partner in the Nordia Helsinki office.



Additional information:


Matti Kari                                                   


Nordia Attorneys at Law Ltd.                       

+358 50 5930 380                                              

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Antti Hannula


Nordia Attorneys at Law Ltd. 

+358 50 584 9191

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Mårten Stenström


Advokatbyrå Nordia KB

+46 8 563 08147

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Nordia offices are located in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Odense, Oslo and Helsinki. Nordia was founded in Stockholm in 1993. Nordia has been noted among the worlds most prestige law firms among others on the Legal500 listing. www.nordialaw.com

Nordia Attorneys at Law Ltd. is member to the LAWorld network of international lawyers (www.laworld.com), which enables us to serve our clients also in all of their international needs.

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